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Pack 964 Rocket Launch
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8 pm on Saturday, 4/13


Sunday, April 14

Please Arrive by 12:10 pm for Safety Briefing

Location: Merrimac Farm Bluebell Trail

15020 Deepwood Ln, Nokesville, Virginia 20181

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We will join the fun at the BLUE BELL FESTIVAL and view the spectacular display of Virginia Bluebells that carpet the floodplain along Cedar Run for nearly a mile.  The Bluebell Festival includes a series of tours led by naturalists from local groups, including the NoVA Bird Club, PW Wildflower Society, PWC Forest Pest Management, Friends of Potomac River Refuges and others. There are various interactive exhibits for scouts & siblings.


This event FREE and Open to the Public: from 10am through 4 pm. 

Each tour has a special focus. They last about 90 minutes and take an easy one-mile walk through the floodplain, along the Cedar Run shoreline where the Bluebells grow.

View the tour schedule (2018) at

We hope to see you at Merrimac Farm on April 14.

Don't forget to bring binoculars & cameras!


We are hoping the weather holds for this fun event. Expect to have a terrific time while enjoying the beauty of this place as we hike with a local naturalist. The fresh air will do our body good.



  • Follow the visiting cars into a very remote area parking lot (deep into the farm)

  • Entrance to festival will be recognized by the crowds & sponsoring organizations' booths (PW Conservation Society, Wildflower Society, etc.) 

  • Upon arrival, please find our Pack 964 gathering near the STONE HOUSE.

  • Please plan to arrive by 12:10 pm for safety briefing.

  • We'll join Ms. Valerie Huelsman (PWC Forest Pest Mgmt)  for the 12:20 pm hike: HOW DO BUGS AFFECT FOREST HEALTH

  • Prepare to practice: THE OUTDOOR CODE & LEAVE NO TRACE while on the hike.

  • Parents:

    • Please accompany your scout to bathroom prior to hike.

    • Please remind your scout to always stay close to you while on the hike path, listen to TRAIL guide and respect other hikers by keeping voice level low, especially when guide is instructing, or hikers want to listen to instruction and/or sounds of forest, etc. 

  • BRING these useful items to this hike: 

    • Hiking Pack w/Cub Scout 6 Hiking Essentials & insect repellent.

    • Comfortable shoes.

    • BINOCULARS, CAMERA, & rain gear.

    • Packed Snack: Unless your den is planning its own for den requirement or would like to purchase from available food truck at the event.

    • Appropriate attire for Merrimac Farm is always sturdy shoes and long pants, no matter the season. Tuck your pants into your socks to help keeps bugs out.

It's our goal to cover as much information as possible. If there's still more you'd like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be glad to answer any question or concern you might have. The PAL for this event is ____________.

Achieve Hike/Outdoor Requirement

for your Rank:

Tiger: Tigers in the Wild, My Tiger Jungle

Wolf: Paws on the Path, Call of the Wild

Bear: Fur, Feathers and Ferns

Webelos: Webelos Walkabout, Into the Wild, Into the Woods


Also helps if you're aiming for Outdoor Activity Award.

Check out this link to see how far you've gotten towards this award. NOTE: Activities must be in addition to similar activities for rank advancement. 

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