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PALs are essential to our Pack. Den & Committee leaders already have enough work to do to take care of weekly and monthly affairs of their respective post, therefore, having an extra pair of hands or more to take care of other activities is essential to have better results in Pack and Den events and activities.

Parent Volunteers come and take the lead to plan a certain activity.  We understand some parents prefer to remain involved "behind-the-scenes", and we also know there are others who don't mind being in the front, talking to the crowd, etc. Please complete our Parent Talent Survey (on Pack Parent Guide) and submit it to your Den Leader.  It will allow leaders to approach the right person for a specific job/assignment the Pack might need.


Planning ahead is key. If you need guidance, the Committee and Den Leaders are here to help or acquaint you with how the event took place in the past, what the budget is, etc. Attending monthly pack committee meetings to present your plan or idea, at least two months in advance will be ideal. It'll also help to know details of your plan so we can promote it and have success in executing activity. Nothing is too small or too much, as long as you enjoy participating and it will bring fun and learning to our Cub Scouts.

It's possible you may know or have access to people, centers, experts, etc., in the given theme or subject of the activity. For example: Rocketry, Rocket Launch: You might know an actual rocket scientist, who could come and speak or share with the boys (at their level and attention needs) this awesome science, the day of the Rocket Launch event, or Pack Meeting before the event, etc.


We ask that PALs submit a brief summary of their activity, ups and downs, process to book/plan, contact information of place/location where event took place, etc., to aid a future volunteer in the same activity. We'll like to make these posts available to Pack members, this way they can read into the activity and gain confidence or ideas on how to perform or execute when their turn comes. 


No one plan is the best plan. We all have different ways to work or execute events or activities. We do keep the main ideals of Scouting in mind when contributing our time and effort. The end result should be fun, educational and most of all a memorable experience for our scouts and families involved. One of my favorite suggestions in the training I've received is: "Keep it Simple, Make it Fun".  

Thank you for your time and best of luck in the fun planning!

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