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If you've been on the sidelines supporting your Cub Scout, we salute you! If you really want to ROCK it, we welcome you!


Pack 964 Seeks Awesome Leaders as Co-Chairs or filling in a few posts. No job is too small for our pack. Your help is tremendously appreciated and your son will benefit from your participation and enjoy having you around to help his Pack.

Please inquire as to what our Pack needs might be and we might have a job just for you.


Whether you can support with a few hours of your time or dedicate your time on a continuous basis, there's always a way to make the Pack run farther.  As we all know ..."extra hands make the heavy work light". 




Thanks to the thriving metro area we live in, it is widely understood that between the carpool, the PTA and soccer meets the workday seems endless and the time spent at home relaxing is almost a dream. Our children's lives matter so much that we'd do everything within our reach to allow them opportunities that will help them expand, learn, grow and become the very best they can possibly be.  They can't possibly become all these good things on their own, or can they? It is known that our presence, along with all these experiences is what helps them propel into amazing individuals, and that is the goal of Cub Scouts. We know that time is valuable and each of us have the best intentions to help, and allow your Cub Scout see you in action is one real-life experience they won't miss out on.


We encourage all parents to be involved, it could be a small outing or activity, it could be set-up/clean-up, it could be running a game-time activity or learning activity. It will make a difference in the Pack and the perspective parents bring to the meetings is very welcomed by the scouts.

Check the Pack Volunteer Needs section of the monthly newsletter or Sign-Up to be a PAL (Parent Adult Lead) for our next Pack event. It will be a rewarding experience to everyone involved.

We appreciate your support, we couldn't do Cub Scouts without you!

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