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Pack 964 Rocket Launch


Tuesday, January 1st

Please Arrive by 10 AM


Leesylvania State Park

We'll be on the lookout for weather updates.
Please visit site again fo
up-to-date details or
changes to this event.
8pm on Monday, 12/31


We are hoping the weather holds for this fun event. Expect to have a terrific time while enjoying the beauty of this place. Fresh air will do your body good.



  • Fourth Graders may cash in their EVERY KID IN THE PARK printout for their National Parks Annual Pass.

  • Register by Dec. 31st to Participate in First Day Challenge & Photo Contest.

  • Parking is on gravel road (by playground) beyond Marina. VC is towards beach area. 

  • Upon arrival, please find our Pack 964 gathering at Visitor Center.

  • We'll be taking a Ranger Guided Hike, lasting approximately <2 hrs total. 

  • Please plan to arrive by 10 AM for gathering and set towards trail.

  • Scouts will be reminded about: THE OUTDOOR CODE & LEAVE NO TRACE.

  • Please remind your scout to always stay close to you and to use the "Buddy System" to roam the hike path.  

  • Parents: For safety reasons, please go with your scout to bathroom prior to hike.

  • BRING these useful items to this is fun outdoor event: 

    • Hiking Pack w/Cub Scout 6 Hiking Essentials. 

    • Comfortable shoes.

    • Rain gear.

    • Packed Lunch: Unless your den is planning its own for den requirement.

    • Bears & Webelos must carry Whittling Chip card if bringing pocket knife.

It's our goal to cover as much information as possible. If there's still more you'd like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be glad to answer any question or concern you might have. 

Achieve Hike/Outdoor Requirement

for your Rank:

Lion: Mountain Lion

Tiger: Tigers in the Wild, My Tiger Jungle

Wolf: Paws on the Path

Bear: Fur, Feathers and Ferns

Webelos: Webelos Walkabout (3 miles), Into the Wild, Into the Woods


Also helps if you're aiming for Outdoor Activity Award.

Check out this link to see how far you've gotten towards this award. NOTE: Activities for OAA must be in addition to similar activities for rank advancement. 

Know how to STOP when you are lost or separated from your group.  Review this acronym with your group before going out on a campout or hike with your group.


Being prepared can assist searchers who are looking for a missing person or group.

  • Stay put – It is easier for rescuers to find a stationary person than one who is moving. Find a place which is not hazardous and stay there. Have some water and a snack if possible. Rest.

  • Think – Consider what resources you have should the situation extend into overnight. Develop confidence by considering your situation and being prepared.

  • Observe – Take note of your surroundings. Is there shelter from the cold or storms? Is it getting dark? Are there hazards in the area?

  • Plan – Determine what you can to do to conserve energy and be as comfortable as possible. Don’t panic. Rely on your knowledge and observations.

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