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Pack 964 Rocket Launch
Pack 964 Rocket Launch

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Adventure Requirements:

Lion Den

Tiger Den

Wolf Den

Bear Den


In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. ~John Muir 

Pack 964 has been offering a well rounded year-round scouting program for over 40 years, thanks to the amazing volunteers that dedicate their valuable time to this effort.  We couldn't do scouting without them!

Our scouts enjoy Activities that keep scouts engaged, learning, advancing and most of all, connected to their fellow scouting families & community during the year. Most of our scouts participate in sports and other youth/extra-curricular activities throughout the year, in conjunction with scouting.  

Scouts are able to cover many adventure requirements by staying active during the year, starting each Summer when the new scouting program year begins on June 1st and through the seasons of the year.  Some Summer experiences cover particular outdoor adventures, other adventures have taken them to fun well known places, others have been some interesting behind-the-scenes of not-so-common places such as the following done in the past:

  • Bike Derby, Fishing Derby, Space Derby

  • Kite Festival in DC

  • Visit Ice Cream and Pizza Shop Kitchen

  • Visit Antique/Collectible Automobile Garage 

  • Dept. of Engraving, Space Museum, Art & other Museums

  • Visit area hidden beaches/river shores

  • Fire Station Tours & Visit with Fire Chief

  • Outdoor/Indoor Pool Splash with fellow scouts

  • July 4th Dale City Parade

  • Summer Camp Adventures

  • Water Sports Olympics

  • Camping at a baseball stadium

  • Overnighter at a Historic Battlership

  • Stream Clean Up & Conservation Projects in the community

  • Serve Meals to Homeless

  • and much more. 

This Fall, your child can join the outdoor adventures too! Check out upcoming EVENTS & JOIN US!

Many scouts who become really busy with Spring or Fall sports like to  take advantage of Summertime or Winter Pack events to satisfy required adventures needed for advancement.  Other scouts just enjoy earning adventures ahead of fellow scouts.  Whichever your schedule and interests, the Pack, District, Council & community offer many activities to enjoy, including outdoor adventures, conservation, wild life, hikes, STEM and much more.  

Browse through your scout's requirements and perhaps your scout will be arriving at the first den meeting in September with several checks off several lists completed.  It's even possible he'll complete requirements at camp or efforts at any of the above events & others may allow him to receive awards/recognition or come very close to it.  

Parents: Check out Cub Scouting Adventures and see which interests your scout & work on it today!  Electives are a fun way to explore various subjects of interest.  Dens work on Required adventures together as a DEN once the Fall meetings begin; they also work on some electives.  Family Duty to God is worked at home as a family, therefore scouts can work on that particular adventure at any time. If you haven't done so already, log into Scoutbook to keep track of all covered adventures.

Den leaders encourage parents to BE BRAVE, and assign an opportunity to LEAD AN ADVENTURE.  It's easier and more fun than you think.  Take the time to research and learn about a Den Adventure, plan it and and lead it.  Parents can also lead a Pack activity/event.  You may coordinate with entire pack, den leader, or parents and see who's available to help with your activity.  Den/Pack outings can also be executed in a different setting like  at a park, museum, art gallery, etc.  Parents are encouraged to take the Den Leader Training to get a better idea on how to best help their den leader during meetings, etc. Be Brave! Train today!  Click here, create an account, begin with YPT and go from there.  Your scout's den leader was a "newbie" just the other day, all leaders started right where you are today. If you can't commit for a full year action, a one day, week or month effort is excitedly welcomed. 

Many units don't offer scouting activities during the Summer or often enough due to lack of available trained leadership or Pack participation. Pack 964 is very fortunate to have engaged & brave leaders to lead the charge, even during the Summer months. Plus, these events also qualifies our unit for Journey to Excellence, which is our "gold star" award for providing scouting year-long.  We want to remain GOLD STAR and for this we need to increase our adult volunteer numbers.  We thank you and appreciate your support to each Pack leader, your scout is counting on them for his scouting experience!  

Thank you for your continued support, we are glad you are with Pack 964!  Happy Scouting!

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