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We're on a Trail for Volunteer Adults and Leaders

A Cub Scout Pack is only as strong as its leaders and supporters.  We are on a journey in search of those amazing hidden talents that man posses and often go unnoticed or perhaps haven't been discovered yet.  If you like making a difference in the community and enrich the lives of young boys and their families, this is your time to shine! Bring your skills, willingness, amazing attitude and energy and we'll make something extraordinary together, as you join the active leadership already in place at Pack 964!  No one says it'll be easy, but we all agree it'll be beyond words worth it!  


This is a big transition year for our Pack.  A majority of our leadership will be bridging out at the end of this year 2017, therefore we must fill in the posts before transition occurs. It's easier if you begin your training directly with the one in charge today. Begin by becoming a Committee Member and attending our Monthly Committee meetings to begin to get acquainted with the roles each person plays to help our Pack run smoothly. 


 CUB MASTER & Assistant Cub Master

Work directly with Committee to ensure (but not limited to) the following:


Qualifications & Responsibilities:

  • At least 21 years old

  • A registered BSA member

  • Youth Protection Trained

  • Deliver a quality, fun, year-round program to the Cub Pack

  • Conduct the program according to BSA policies

  • Receive the appropriate training, including Cubmaster specific training

  • Attend monthly Cub Scout Roundtables, to receive information about district and council policies and programs

  • Carry out the Pack program with the support of the Pack Committee, including leading monthly pack meetings

  • Carry out the goals of the chartering organization within the Pack program

  • Work with the Pack Committee to recruit adult leadership

  • Work with the Pack Committee to develop the Pack budget

  • Support the Pack Den Leaders and encourage them to get the appropriate training

  • Encourage the Pack Den Leaders to work toward Cub Scout Leader awards

  • Encourage Webelos to cross over to a Boy Scout Troop

  • Communicate with parents about the Pack program and help to educate them about the Cub Scout program

  • Encourage family participation in the Cub Scout program

  • Encourage the Pack to participate in service projects

  • Work with the Assistant Cubmasters, delegating as necessary

  • Attend and participate in Pack Committee planning meetings

  • Recruit Den Chiefs to assist the Pack Den Leaders

  • Incorporate traditional Scouting elements, such as flag ceremonies, skits, and songs, into the Pack program

  • Encourage advancement and recognize Cub Scouts when they advance


Cub Scout den leaders work directly with Cub Scouts and their parents/guardians to execute the Cub Scouting program in the den.

Qualifications: Is at least 21 years old, and should be an experienced leader, but may be a parent or guardian of a boy in the den. Recommended by the Cubmaster after consultation with the parents and guardians of the Cub Scouts involved, and approved by the pack committee and chartered organization. Registered as an adult leader of BSA.


  • Work directly with other den and pack leaders to ensure that the den is an active and successful part of the pack.

  • Plan, prepare for, and conduct den meetings with the assistant den leader and den chief (if Wolf, Bear, or Webelos den leaders) or adult partners (if Tiger Cub den leaders).

  • Attend the pack leaders’ meetings.

  • Lead the den at the monthly pack activity.

  • Ensure the transition of Cub Scouts to a den of the next rank (or to a Boy Scout troop if Webelos Scouts) at the end of the year.

Tiger Cub den leaders should do the following.

  • Coordinate shared leadership among the Tiger Cub adult partners in the den.

  • Ensure that each Tiger Cub and his adult partner have the opportunity to be the host team, planning and executing the den activities, rotating responsibilities monthly.

Cub Scout den leaders should keep in mind these responsibilities.

  • Help train the den chief and guide him in working with Cub Scouts. See that he receives recognition for his efforts at den and pack meetings.

  • Provide meaningful responsibilities for the denner and assistant denner so that they can learn responsibility and gain satisfaction from their efforts.


Committee Chair Trainee

  • Leads the Pack Committee and is responsible for the administration, oversight and support of the pack program.

  • Maintains a relationship with the chartered organization.

  • Confer with the Cub Master on policy matters relating to Cub Scouting.

  • Presides over Pack Leader Meetings.

  • Helps with Pack charter renewal.

  • Approves bills before payment by the Treasurer.

  • Conducts the meeting to help leaders plan the annual pack program.

  • Helps to recruit new Cub Master if one is needed.

  • Support the policies of the BSA.

Advancement Chair

The advancement chair helps boys move through the ranks of Cub Scouting and transition into a Boy Scout troop. The advancement chair will:

  • Have a working knowledge of the Cub Scout advancement plan.

  • Help plan and conduct induction and advancement recognition ceremonies, coordinating as needed with the Webelos den leader or Scoutmaster.

  • Educate parents, guardians, and pack committee members in ways to stimulate Cub Scout advancement.

  • Promote the use of Cub Scout den advancement charts and other tools to recognize and record advancement in the den.

  • Collect den advancement reports at pack leaders’ meetings for use when ordering badges and insignia from the local council service center.

  • Promote Boys' Life magazine as an aid to advancement.

  • Help build or obtain advancement equipment for use in making advancement ceremonies more effective.

  • Promote the wearing and proper use of uniform and insignia.


Outdoor Activity Chair

  • Helps the Boys develop a love for the outdoors.

  • Help Cub Master plan and arrange outdoor activities.

  • Help Webelos Den Leaders plan overnight campouts.

  • Help inform parents and guardians about opportunities for family camping.

  • Help promote day camp and resident camp opportunities.

  • Know and carry out BSA outdoor program policies.

  • Be aware of BSA health and safety requirements and plan first aid emergencies.

Public Relations Co-Chair

This position keeps pack activities visible to the public, as well as to the families of the pack. Specifically, this person will:

  • Identify and promote pack service projects in the chartered organization, school, and community.

  • Promote family participation in all pack events.

  • Urge pack participation in appropriate programs of the chartered organization. Suggest ways of showing interest in the chartered organization’s overall program.

  • Publicize and promote pack participation in Scouting Anniversary Week activities.

  • Circulate Cub Scout recruiting fliers and brochures to invite boys to join. Along with the pack committee, promote new membership. Let the people in the neighborhood know that a Cub Scout pack is available.

  • Consider using a monthly or quarterly pack newsletter to inform families of pack plans, guide new parents and guardians in pack policies, and create a feeling of unity among members of the pack family.

  • Provide pack announcements for regular release in the official bulletins, newsletters, Web sites, etc., of your chartered organization.

  • Make use of the news media in publicizing pack events.

Spirit Wear Chair

  • Supervises the design, purchase and sale of all pack Class B clothing.

  • Sends out annual Order From to Pack to prepare annual Fall order.

  • Keeps inventory of all extra clothing.

  • Brings Spirit Wear to Pack promotions:  Join Scouting / Parent Orientation Night Events, etc.

  • Main contact for parents wanting Pack wear


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