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Popcorn Sales is the main fundraising effort for the Boy Scouts of America.  This fundraiser offers a great opportunity cover most if not all Pack dues, and even part of camp fees for all who participate.  Popcorn sales makes scouting happen for FREE when everyone in the unit participates fully in this effort.  However, popcorn season cannot happen without a Popcorn Kernel.  This is a big job and can work better with 2-3 parents to plan and execute. Current Pack leaders cannot take this job on top of all their other Pack duties. We welcome interested parents to gather and discuss details with Chairman today.  Pack can help provide training materials, training dates, everything needed to help make this main fundraiser a success. Pack must secure a Popcorn Kernel by mid-April if we seek this effort in the Fall.


Notice: Unfortunately, our unit isn't offering this option this Fall 2018. Looking forward to a future opportunity next year.  


If you haven't already done so, please sign-up to work a Popcorn Booth with your Cub Scout. It's easy and fast to sign-up. If you have trouble with your sign-up, please check your inbox and/or contact Popcorn Kernel today.


Please be on-time to attend your slot at the booth. If you cannot attend, please alert Popcorn Kernel ASAP.

Have your scouts wear their Class A Uniform.

Don't forget to have had a meal prior to booth slot.  Dress for the weather.  Bring sun protection, a snack and water. Some days can be sunny and hot.

An adult must accompany each scout and help at the booth the entire duration of the 2-hr shift.

Individual Popcorn Sales

Do not miss out on the Welcome Back Packnic or Back to Scouting Night in September. You will receive your packet for individual popcorn sales. In this packet you will know dates for deadlines and other tid bits needed to have successful sale.

An email went out to all current families regarding Individual Sales, and how to establish an online account to increase your sales. Click Trail's End button to get started: 

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