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Teaching our scouts about taking care of the environment can be as easy as exposing them often to opportunities available within our community. We live in a beautiful scenic region that abounds with natural wonder everywhere we look, the moment we step outside our front door.  Experts in each field of conservation are available at our fingertips to educate us on how to better care for our environment and tell others about it. Your scout already has the basic concept from what he/she already learns at home and at school.  Here's how Cub Scouts go beyond those moments to help scouts respect and work hard to keep the beauty of the natural habitat and teach others to do the same. Cub Scouts are the youngest "Outdoor Ambassadors" around, and they can quickly teach those who don't know, all about the ABCs of Conservation, the importance of following the Outdoor Code and Outdoor Ethics Principles.


Every scout has at least one requirement to participate in a "Conservation" related project. This often involves serving in a community clean-up of a local stream, park, school grounds, neighborhood, etc. Other requirements may involve planting, creating/building a home or better a habitat for citizens and wildlife alike. Review your scout's handbook, Scoutbook or this link for required/elective adventures for each den. Parents: If you have an interest, career or connections to organization and/or someone who could visit our Pack/Dens in relation to this subject, please advise.  Parents can help plan an outing or bring a guest speaker with more in-depth experience in relation to this important subject. Please let your scout's den leader know if you're able to assist in any of these type of activities. If your scout missed out on a pack planned activity to cover this requirement, there are additional opportunities all around us. Please check Facebook Events page for links to area events in relation to conservation. 

Once Adventure requirements are satisfied, scouts may work towards earning the following awards. Check out the links, requirements, etc. Ask den leader for more information or if you have additional questions about satisfying these award requirements. NOTE:  Scout participation on conservation events for rank and these additional awards are separate events, therefore remaining active in various Conservation opportunities is key.

Achieve Nature/Conservation Requirements

for your Rank or Elective:

Lion: Animal Kingdom, King of the Jungle, Lions Honor, Mountain Lion

Tiger: Tigers in the Wild, My Tiger Jungle, Team Tiger, Earning Your Stripes, Good Knights

Wolf: Paws on the Path, Council Fire, Grow Something, Spirit of the Water

Bear: Fur, Feathers and Ferns; Paws for Action; A Bear Goes Fishing; Critter Care

Webelos: Webelos Walkabout (3 miles), Outdoor Adventurer, Scouting Adventure,

Into the Wild, Into the Woods, Adventures in Science, Earth Rocks


World Conservation (aka Panda Patch) Award: Wolves - Webelos:

If you've completed all rank requirements and electives, participation in other conservation events or outdoor activities helps if you're aiming for World Conservation Award

Check out link to see how far you've gotten towards this award.

NOTE: Activities must be in addition to similar activities for rank advancement. 

The next community opportunities to earn Conservation hours are: 

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