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Camping & Over Nights

BSA Rules and Safety

In addition to the rules of whatever facility we are camping at, all Cub Scout camping is conducted

 in full accordance with the Guide to Safe Scouting (hereafter referred to as the GSS).  Some of the

highlights you need to be aware of include the following:


  • Practice Two-deep Leadership at all times. (This means that at least 2 Pack Adult Leaders must be present with scouts/youth anytime, anywhere.)   

  • Current Health & Medical Forms (Forms A&B) on hand for all camp participants (includes scout, parents and siblings attending).

  • Practice Privacy - No peeking. Parents: please advise your scouts/siblings of this important rule. 

  • Married adults only in tent quarters.

  • Children only in quarters with own parents.

  • Only adults manage camp stoves, lanterns, fire, etc.

  • Buddy System at all times - No lone rangers!

  • Leave No Trace at all times, everywhere we go.

  • Smoking must be only in designated areas, and far & out of sight from scouts.

  • Shoes at all times.  These must cover the entire foot (i.e., no sandals, crocs, flip-flops, or bare feet)

  • No pets

  • Alcoholic beverages & restrictive substances are strictly forbidden at all scouting functions

  • If you bring food/snacks, please have them in sealed containers and keep away from tent, trash included.

  • No firearms, ammunition, personal archery equipment, fireworks, personal ax/hatchets. No machetes.

  • Do not put anything in the camp fire. Scouts and their adults will be given one warning only.

  • Do not enter another family's tent unless invited or given permission to do so, scouts as well. Adults in tent only with own children.

  • Do not allow scouts to run near tents, camp fires or camping equipment. 

  • If your scout needs to go to the bathroom late at night or early in the morning, a parent must accompany their scout to/from bathroom.

  • Unless otherwise noted, stay away from facility equipment, playground, sandbox, etc. Be there for opening briefing to know camping area limits.


All electronic diversions are to be left at home.  Please limit cell phone use to what is needed.  We're here to enjoy the outdoors with our scouts and families.

There may be other groups at this camp while we are there, and we want them to have the best impression of scouting possible.


Duty Roster

Pack camping is a group activity, including activities, meals, set-up & clean-up.  For a group this size that means  there will be a duty roster figured out for activity.  There's plenty of hands to make this easy, fast and fun.



Unless otherwise noted, all meals are group meals. Information about individual meal responsibility will be noted when a camping event is publicized.


What to Bring (In case you don’t have a copy of the Camping Check List)

The pack has the bulk  of the gear (cookware, serving, cleaning, etc.) for the group camp kitchen. Therefore what you need are personal items, namely the essentials for overnighters.   While this isn't a complete list, you should consider bringing the following

  • Good attitude

  • A tent*

  • Sleeping bag

  • Pillows, blankets

  • Camping mattress or pad (highly recommended)

  • Needed medications (must be administered by parents)

  • Something to sit on (lawn chair)

  • Hiking Essentials: water bottle, first aid kit, sun protection, whistle, flashlight, poncho, trail mix)

  • Class A uniform for the Flag Ceremony & Campfire program

  • Class B uniform (pack T-shirt) for most activities

  • Appropriate clothes for the weather, NoVA can be unpredictable. Hat and gloves for cool evenings and early mornings.

  • Appropriate footwear, extra pairs of socks. Dry feet are warm feet.

  • Main event equipment (depending upon itinerary)

  • Toiletries, bug spray

  • Your Scouts should bring their Scout book, pencil so that accomplishments can be completed.

  • Pocket knives* and Whittling Chip card- this only applies to Bears & Webelos.

    • *We’ll be checking that they have their cards with them. If they don't, their knives will be taken and returned at the end of camp.

          * If you are new to scouting, please let us know if you don't own a tent. We will help you find one your family can use for the camp out. Sometimes asking relatives, friends or even neighbors for these essential equipment is helpful. Helps you "try it before you buy it". Blankets work perfectly fine when no sleeping bags are available. Floor mats (even exercise or foam play mats) or pads are recommended, especially for those unexpected cool nights, keeps you a tad bit more comfortable and warmer than the bare floor alone. No need for expensive gear for this fun family event. We were all "rookies" at one point, some of us will never be "outdoor" people, but will try it with our scouts for their fun experience.  There are many sites online that offer budget friendly gear options/alternatives. Scouting out second-hand stores, yard sale sites, CL or scout/outdoor gear trading posts offer perfectly functional equipment for less $. "A scout is Thrifty". 

Inclement Weather

  • We keep a weather radio with us when camping.  If bad weather arises, we ditch out. 

  • You are welcome to decide to ditch out at any point you feel the need, but please let the camping coordinator or PAL know before you leave camp. 

  • Our goal in Pack camping is to provide a fun, positive, outdoor experience for the entire family, such that there is excitement about the next event. As such, we'll camp if there is light precipitation or intermittent rain, but we won't (knowingly) camp in extreme weather.  

Required Fun

Check with your Den Leader to see if there is an outdoor requirement you may be able to complete during the camp out. If not, your den may also be participating in the campfire program, therefore, it’s always fun to learn new songs, prepare a skit, joke, song, etc., to share with the Pack during the Campfire program. Bring your props to make it extra fun.


In Closing

This may sound like a lot just for the simple act of going camping.  However, camping with your family and camping with 20+ boys, and families  under the auspices (and insurance) of BSA are not the same thing.  We appreciate your participation and cooperation in helping Pack 964 execute a successful camping experience. 

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