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September (12th) Meeting


den meeting

After opening, scouts will gather with heir respective den, meet and greet new scouts, begin adventure discussions with den leader, etc.

Don't forget to wear your full Field Uniform (aka Class A).  We'll take inventory of needed items to have scouts looking sharp at all times. 

parent talk

Cub Master and other Pack leaders will have a Parent meeting, introduce new families, discuss refresher reminders to current members, discuss  upcoming events, Pack needs, provide brief orientation to new parent, etc. 

sign ups

There will be a variety of sign-ups, update paperwork, information for all parents.  Please be sure to stop by "business table" to verify contact information, scout information, complete Medical Forms, PAL Sign up and more. We appreciate everyone's participation & cooperation. 

leaders q & a

Leaders will attempt to answer questions from parents, etc.  Do not miss this opportunity dedicated for this sole purpose.

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