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If you've never attended a Crossover or Arrow of Light Ceremony, you're in for a real treat!

The Arrow of Light (AoL) is the highest rank earned by Cub Scouts. This ceremony marks the transition from "Fun at every Turn" in Cub Scouting, continuing to DO HIS BEST to "Be Prepared" for life, as he enters Boys Scouts.

It's a fun and memorable moment for all scouts and their families.  It's a bittersweet moment for parents to see the exceptional young man their son has become in such a short time, as he begins the next phase of his life in Boy Scouts.

Even for those scouts who choose not to continue in scouting, the moments, friendships, adventures and exepriences lived in Cub Scouts will for ever go with him wherever he goes.

We encourage you to participate in this memorable event for every family involved. Remember, one day soon, you too will be at this phase in Scouting with your own Cub Scout. 

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